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Where Are You? Nearly 100 Million In the Line of Winter Storm Blast

Source: CNN, National Weather Forecast

Posted on 02 Feb 2011

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Much of the nation on Tuesday was hit by a vast winter storm, with nearly horizontal blowing snow, cloaking trees and power lines with ice up to an inch thick, forcing airports to close and complicating the travel plans of fans headed to this weekend's Super Bowl in Texas.

A mix of blizzard, ice, hard freeze and high wind warnings sprang up across most of the Lower 48 states as the system pressed eastward, from New Mexico to Maine. Forecasters said as many as 100 million people in the United States would feel its effects.

Blizzard warnings were up late Tuesday in eight states -- from eastern Kansas to western Ohio. The mass of frigid precipitation, in its relentless northeasterly march, formed an arc that was centered in the Great Lakes region and stretched from northeastern Kansas in the west to the edge of Chesapeake Bay in the east.

The stem of the storm brought needed rain to much of the Southeast, but unwelcome ice and hard freeze warnings in other places, as far south as Corpus Christi, Texas.

Parts of the Florida Panhandle, southwestern Georgia and southeastern Alabama were under a tornado watch. High-wind warnings were posted in eastern Tennessee and western Virginia, with gusts of 55 mph forecast in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

The National Weather Service forecasts and advisories through Wednesday night read like the Abominable Snow Monster's Christmas list: Up to 14 inches of snow in South Bend, Indiana, with winds up to 30 mph; Up 13 inches of snow and a low of 12 below zero in Ottumwa, Iowa; as much as 13 inches of new snow in Berlin, New Hampshire, by Wednesday night; hard freeze warnings in Houston and Galveston, Texas.


Larry Neilson Feb 2 2011 3:36PM Report Abuse
will this have any impact on the market?
Annie George Feb 2 2011 11:01AM Report Abuse
Paul,It's 60 degrees and still am in SoCAL! In NY my sister-in-law says the kids have taken so many snow days for school might not get a spring break if this continues.
Dawn Feb 2 2011 10:46AM Report Abuse
Paul, wish I were freezing with you in Southern Cal. I'm in sunny Oklahoma City, OK with the temperature at 9 degree with a wind chill of -12. I think it's time for a tropical vacation.
Rachel Pradhan Feb 2 2011 10:34AM Report Abuse
If you want to tweet about the snow storm, use the hashtag #snomg - popular due to National Post article and poll. I remember some nasty snow & ice storms in Spring in Colorado - where trees would break from the weight and people would cross-country ski in the street. It's fun at first, but gets old (and nasty) when it starts to melt. Hope everyone is safe and warm!
Paul Feb 2 2011 10:06AM Report Abuse
I'm in freezing Southern California...well not really freezing but cold...sort travels to all out there.
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