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Victor O. Schinnerer Announces New Partnership with Navigators Expanding Non-Profit D&O Program

Source: IIHS

Posted on 08 Jun 2010

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Victor O. Schinnerer & Company, Inc. is pleased to announce a new partnership with Navigators in an expanded Non-Profit Directors & Officers liability program. Schinnerer will underwrite and service the program for Navigators.

In addition to the many classes of non-profits Schinnerer currently underwrites, the new program offers expanded classes of business including condo associations, homeowners associations, senior care organizations, and social services with overnight facilities.

Any business submitted with an effective date of June 1 or after will be quoted with the new program. Schinnerer will continue to service existing Non-Profit D&O policies under the old program until their expiration date.

The new program will be admitted in all 50 states. All states have approved the admitted filing except AK, LA, NY, VT and WY - where approvals are excepted shortly.