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Star Specialty Programs Teams Up with RoadsideMASTERS to Offer Breakdown Service for Buses, Trucks, Waste Haulers

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Posted on 23 Sep 2011

Star Specialty Programs has teamed up with RoadsideMASTERS to offer a breakdown service to insureds of 5Star retail agents and brokers – at a discounted price. The service is designed for buses, trucks and trailers, and waste haulers.

We are the exclusive access point for buses and waste haulers.

Program Benefits

*Unlimited roadside assistance

* Towing (up to 50 miles per disablement)

*Vehicle jump start

*Out of gas fuel delivery

*Oil, fluid and water delivery service

*Flat tire change service for trucks (up to $500 maximum occurrence). Includes free delivery of new replacement tire upon request. Pay only for cost of tire.

*Vehicle winching/extricating

*Navigation assistance

*Hotel, travel discounts, and concierge services (restaurants, lodging, rest and fuel stops)

*Lockout/replacement key services (up to $100)
Please contact 5 Star Specialty Programs, a division of Crump Insurance Services, at  877 247-9772. Or, email at


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