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Hot Topic: How Do We Feel About Outsourcing?

Source: Annie George

Posted on 27 Jan 2011

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At the 10th annual Peak Performance Insurance Ski Conference, which took place in Snowmass, Colorado, January 19-22, one of the key topics discussed was on outsourcing and how it's nececesary to stay competitive. Patrick Armstrong, Director of Business Development, and Steve Hood, Director of Client Development, of Resource Pro, began the session asking Peak attendees what comes to their minds when they hear the word “outsourcing.”

The comments ran the gamut, as you can well see by their choice of words: "Jobs". “Frustration”. “No control". "Doesn’t necessarily mean it overseas”. “Challenging at the beginning but in the long run well worth it.” “Efficient.” "Cost savings." “Frees up time.”

Pat and Steve went on to explain how Resource Pro, an outsourcing company, was founded because of the need for companies in our industry to get out from under the paperwork, and streamline routine back office processing functions (data entry, policy checking, endorsements checking). This allowed them to free up their staff’s time to foster customer relationships and concentrate on service, to get producers selling more, to improve employee productivity and eliminate backlogs. Today this is even more important as the soft market has imposed even more challenges, along with the fact that consumers expect more interactivity and added value.

Along the same lines, several months back I interviewed Sharon Emek, CEO and founder of WAHVE, Work At Home Vintage Employees, a domestic remote staffing company for insurance agents and brokers that employs skilled insurance industry retirees in the United States. Not only does WAHVE get retirees back to work to supplement their income but it also provides high-quality services that enable agencies and brokers to significantly improve their profitability as they are hiring people with tremendous experience at lower pay scales and without having to pay benefits, such as health insurance and retirement plans. In addition, the retirees work at home so overhead expenses are lowered.

What do you think about outsourcing, whether here at home or abroad? And are you outsourcing any of your company’s operations? Let us know.


Jeff Neilson Jan 27 2011 11:31AM Report Abuse
If and when you decide to outsource be patient for the workflow to work. Take time to learn the culture of the people working for you. The ROI is there it just might take some time. As Larry stated
Larry Neilson Jan 27 2011 11:21AM Report Abuse
Anytime you can outsource and focus more on your core competency it's a good thing. People need get over offshore outsourcing. Our economy is global and offshore outsourcing equals growth which ultima
Sharon Emek Jan 27 2011 11:18AM Report Abuse
Alan, Thanks for your comment about WAHVE. They are a pleasure to work with and they are very dedicated. Our experienced insurance retirees are an excellent outsourcing option for insurance firms to
Annie George Jan 27 2011 11:04AM Report Abuse
When I interviewed Sharon about WAHVE, it definitely sounded like a win-win situation for everyone involved -- the retirees and the agencies.
Alan Doloboff Jan 27 2011 10:49AM Report Abuse
Have been VERY pleased with WAHVE. The person we are working with is meticulous about her work product, highly experienced and a pleasure to work with.
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