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HP Showcases Interactive Correspondence Solution for Insurers at ACORD/LOMA 2010

Posted on 26 May 2010

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HP announced at the ACORD/LOMA Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada a new solution for insurers that automates customer communications for claims processing. With the new HPExstream solution for claims correspondence, insurers can benefit from reduced costs,improved customer response times, and can expedite the review and approval process while reducing compliance risks.

"HP is continuing its commitment to insurers to deliver solutions that help increase productivity, streamline document workflows and reduce loss-to-settlement time,” said Jon Firooz, director of HP Exstream product strategy. Firooz also states that “customer responsiveness is a critical element in claims processing. With this new interactive correspondence solution for creating and processing policyholder communications, claims representatives can help accelerate time to settlement, improve the customer experience, and achieve IT cost and administration savings.”

The new solution extends the powerful HP Exstream back-office communication platform to support this critical front-office business process. The solution also aims to:

• Replace free-form editing with role-based control over areas of templates to help reduce brand and regulatory compliance risks;

• Integrate critical data and content from other systems, help to decrease error-prone, inefficient re-keying and cutting and pasting of content that can result in leakage or undo litigation;

•Update communication templates faster and at lower cost for critical branding revisions and federal and state regulatory changes; and

• Deliver claims communications through customer-preferred channels, including print and electronic (for example,PDF, email and SMS).

The HP Exstream solution for claims correspondenceconsists of HP Exstream Design and Production, HP Exstream Interactive Documents (Live Editor, Live Application Library) and professional services. It uses an innovative software development kit approach that can help accelerate integration with enterprise claims or case management workbenches. The solution provides a library of application and integration services to modernize the claims process. More effective customer communications – from live customer interactions and high-volume bills and statements,to personalized and automated fulfillment of on-demand policies, correspondence, quotes and proposals–help improve customer retention while reducing operating costs.For more information about this solution visit www.hp.go/hpexstreamclaims

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