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Claims Trickling In from Riots in Vancouver Over Hockey Loss

Source: The Province

Posted on 17 Jun 2011

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Insurance adjusters began the huge job Thursday morning of getting a damage estimate of the riot-riddled parts of downtown Vancouver, after as many as 50 storefronts were damaged or destroyed Wednesday night following the Vancouver Canucks Stanley Cup Finals loss.

“There is a substantial amount of damage,” said James Clay of J.T. Insurance Services Inc. after visiting a number of businesses that they insure. “It is going to be in the millions.”

Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) spokesman Adam Grossman said so far they have had 13 claims due to the riot. “We anticipate a lot more coming in,” he said.

In order to process all the vehicle-damage claims as a result of the riot, Grossman said they have set up a special claims office.

As well, he said investigators will review videos and other information and forward it to police to aid ther prosecution of those responsible for the vandalism.

”We have a special investigation unit and they are working with the police to identify potential suspects,” he said.

Many of the claims will be for vehicles that were burned and are a total loss.

Other cars were tipped over onto the roofs, and Grossman. “Typically, if a car is tipped on its roof, it is a total loss,” he said.

He said it is too early to get a figure on the damage. “We don’t even have a ballpark figure yet,” he said.

Grossman said ICBC will cover the damage if a person has comprehensive insurance covering occurrences such as vandalism and fire.

Warren Deaton of Accurate Glass was busy working on the large windows at the Georgia Street Bank of Montreal where all of the windows were destroyed.

Deaton said they moved in to the area at 1 a.m. once it was safe. They used plywood to secure the main floor and order the double-glazed tinted glass, which will take about a week.

Deaton said they found rocks and even a large piece of ashphalt inside the building as they waited for the crowd to disperse.

“We had to wait rather than come in and have bottles thrown at us like in 1994,” he said.

People stopped in front of the damaged buildings Thursday and expressed their disgust at the rioters.

”I think people are so ashamed of this,” said North Vancouver resident Lana Carson as she walked to work along Georgia.

”I’m hoping they catch these people. There’s so many cameras around.”