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Chartis Adds CrisisResponse Coverage to Corporate Aviation Policies

Posted on 17 Oct 2012 by Neilson

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ChartisThe Chartis insurers today announced that they have added CrisisResponse® coverage to aviation policies for corporate customers, including airports and charter management companies. Developed by Chartis Aerospace Insurance Services Inc., CrisisResponse for aviation companies provides customers access to immediate funds for crisis management costs resulting from a catastrophic event.

With CrisisResponse coverage, policyholders can receive up to $250,000 of additional policy limits for costs associated with hiring a crisis management firm to help manage reputation risk, as well as for other crisis-related expenses, such as temporary living, travel, counseling, medical and funeral costs.

"Aviation companies face particularly strong reputation challenges with potentially severe consequences. Our Aviation CrisisResponse solution can help put companies in a strong position to protect the hard-earned and all-valuable reputation of their organization," states Jeff Moitozo, Division Executive, Chartis Aerospace, U.S. and Canada.

"Being prepared to respond quickly and effectively is crucial if an organization is to survive and recover from a crisis. With CrisisResponse, aviation executives have immediate access to tools and resources that can assist their company in successfully addressing the situation at hand," says Jeremy Johnson, Specialty Product Line Executive, Chartis U.S. and Canada.

New Research Paper: Chartis Aerospace has also sponsored development of a research paper, Aviation Crisis Management, that can help companies prepare for and manage reputation risks from unexpected, catastrophic events. The paper can be accessed on Chartis' website:

For more details about this new coverage contact Greg Dekker at 646-857-1803 or via email: