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Aon Comments on Alternative Forms of Remuneration, Will Accept Contingent Commissions

Posted on 21 Jul 2010

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Aon Corporation, a leading global provider of risk management and human capital consulting, today announced it is working with markets to explore the various forms of alternative remuneration available to Aon.

"As we stated during testimony delivered in July 2008 to the New York State Insurance Department and Office of the Attorney General, Aon is committed to industry-leading transparency and delivering the highest value for price in the industry on behalf of our clients," said Steve McGill, chairman and chief executive officer of Aon Risk Solutions. "We have conducted a great deal of research around broker compensation across the globe with a focus on serving the needs of our clients and competing on a level playing field in the marketplace.

"As a result, we have decided to accept various forms of compensation available, which may include supplemental and/or contingent commissions in the geographies and client segments globally where appropriate and legally permissible," continued McGill. "Our firm's focus has been and will always be on doing what is right to serve the best interests of our clients, and delivering the industry's finest products, services and capabilities through the development of innovative solutions such as the award-winning Aon Global Risk Insight Platform®, Aon Client Promise® and Aon Center of Innovation and Analytics."


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