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AmSuisse, Inc

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We approach what we do a little different than most wholesale brokers, in that we only work with a select group of agents and brokers. We view the relationships we have with our brokers as a partnership, and we strive to give them the best customer service possible, and we are dedicated to developing mutually beneficial partnerships with our brokers, as well as our carriers.

We consider ourselves a closed wholesale broker because we only work with select brokers that share the same ideals and beliefs that we do, and view a partnership as a two way relationship in which both parties benefit from the relationship and can succeed together. This not only benefits us and our brokers, but our partner carriers as well.

Prospective Agents:

Thank you for your interest in partnering with AmSuisse, Inc. and our group of insurance professionals. Being a closed wholesaler, we only work with select brokers, therefore we are dedicated to developing mutually beneficial partnerships with our producers, as well as our carriers.

We do understand that there are other wholesalers out there that brokers can do business with, so where differentiate ourselves is in the relationships we have and develop with our brokers. Being that we are more selective in who we work with, customer service is not sacrificed, and this allows us to invest more time and effort in cultivating relationships with our partners which in turn results in a higher close ratio on profitable business. We strive to build win-win  relationships, not only with our producers, but also with our carriers, and this is the core of our business model.

Locations Served : Alabama, California, Colorado, North Carolina, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Washington