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SterlingRisk. is one of the Top 100 insurance brokerage firms in the United States of America.  Founded in 1932, SterlingRisk provides insurance and risk management services to its clients, serving virtually all industry sectors throughout the business community.  With combined annual written premiums nearing $300 million, SterlingRisk has the market clout and expertise necessary to provide the most comprehensive coverages at competitive prices for any business.

SterlingRisk has been a leader in Program Insurance for the past two decades.  David A. Sterling, the current Chairman and CEO pioneered the concept of Risk Purchasing Groups (RPG) back in the early 1990's.  These RPG's are pools of similar businesses that combine their efforts to maximize influence over the insurance carriers in the marketplace.  This enables SterlingRisk to provide the most competitive coverage, enhanced coverage terms and unparalleled underwriting and risk management support for all clients involved in our programs.

SterlingRisk is so successful in understanding and servicing the needs of program insurance clients that the firm is currently endorsed by the following National organizations:

  • American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers
  • Employee Assistance Professionals Association
  • Jewish Community Center Association of North America
  • National Association for Addiction Professionals
  • National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence
  • Therapeutic Communities of America

We currently have the following established programs

CREPE - Combined Real Estate Purchasing Enterprises - Real Estate Umbrella Program - Offering Excess coverage limits over GL, Auto, D&O, and other primary coverage for real estate and related business.

Jewish Community Center Primary and Umbrella Program - Offering primary and/or Excess coverage for members of the Jewish Community Center Association of North America.

FECSA - Family Entertainment Center Safety Association - Offering Primary and/or Excess Coverage for owners and operators of Family Fun Centers and Party Room rental facilities.

Addiction Treatment Centers for Professionals - We offer Primary and/or Excess coverage for members of the National Association of Addiction Professionals .

Locations Served : Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Washington,D.C., Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Wyoming