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Environmental WC Program


CEPEO  (Contractor’s Environmental Professional Employer Organization) Program

National Program Management offers exclusive programs through certain Professional Employer Organization (PEO) intermediaries for affordable Workers’ Compensation (and other bundled services) for contractors with any kind of environmental operations or exposures in their business, even incidental.  These bundled services typically include Workers’ Compensation, payroll administration, professional human resource services and can include employee benefit programs.

When the total costs of Workers’ Compensation coverage, payroll administration, HR services and employee benefit programs are considered, NPM’s CEPEO? program frequently saves insureds more than 30% on these combined services.  In addition, your agency’s income with NPM’s CEPEO? program is typically much higher than traditional Workers’ Compensation commission rates.  Because CEPEO? is an exclusive NPM program, we also offer our agents protection against BOR situations.

Target Accounts:

  • Environmental contractor’s with less than 50% of their annual payroll / revenues from environmental remediation or other environmental operations

  • Non-environmental contractors with any incidental environmental exposure, potential environmental exposure or pollution risk from their business operations

  • Environmental professionals, consultants, laboratories, testing operations, etc.

  • Accounts where, due to exposure and or/small payrolls, Workers’ Compensation options are scarce, unaffordable or currently written in a state’s assigned risk pool (often at a surcharged rate)

  • Accounts with a large percentage of their work subcontracted to fully insured, certified and trained environmental subcontractors

  • Accounts that are new in business or that have no prior coverage

  • Accounts with marginal or poor loss history

  • Accounts with high Workers’ Compensation experience mods

Program Features & Selling Points:

  • Workers’ Compensation from reputable national Workers’ Compensation insurers rated “A-“ (Excellent) by A.M. Best & Co. available in all states

  • Cost savings ranging from 30% - 60%

  • “Pay-As-You-Go” payment basis, eliminates large upfront costs, surprise additional premium audits and helps insureds factor their true labor costs into their bids

CEPEO Convenient and Accurate PEO Payroll Administration:

  • Prepare and distribute payroll checks

  • Direct deposit of wages to bank accounts

  • Year end W2s and W3s

  • Payroll data maintenance

  • Federal, state and local withholding and tax deposits

  • Payroll related record keeping, audits, inquiries and verifications

  • Response to I-9 inquiries

  • Reporting and job costing time clock management

  • Vacation and sick leave tracking

  • Payroll software management and accounting (GL) entries tax changes administration

CEPEO Provides Workers’ Compensation Administration:

  • Claims review and administration

  • Safety plan creation, administration and training

  • Report and document accidents

  • Work Comp billing reconciliation

  • Safety audits and reviews

  • OSHA compliance

  • Annual policy cost reviews

  • Dividend plan reviews and audits

  • NCCI mod rate reviews

CEPEO Employee Benefits Administration:

  • Plan communications to employees

  • Benefits handbook creation and distribution

  • Annual enrollments and adds/drops

  • Eligibility tracking

  • COBRA compliance and administration

  • Plan discrimination testing

  • Flexible spending accounts (FSA) administration

  • Carrier payments and account audits

  • Annual plan cost reviews

  • 401K administration, company matching and plan testing (highly compensated)

  • Section 125 (pretax) premium audits

  • Life Insurance (if offered) plan administration

  • Employee assistance plans (EAP) administration

  • Short term disability plan administration

  • Long term disability plan administration

CEPEO Human Resources Administration:

  • Legal assistance establishment and retainers

  • Review, draft and communicate employment policies

  • Create and publish legally valid employee handbooks

  • Manage insurance for Employment Practices Liability (EPLI)

  • Employment posters and notices

  • Unemployment claims administration

  • Background checks

  • Audit compliance with Wage and Hour (FLSA) Audit compliance with ADA

  • Disability Act Audit compliance with EEOC

  • Audit compliance with OSHA attendance audits

  • Employment applications applicant interviewer training practices I9 compliance

Eligibility Requirements

  • Insured must have some environmental or pollution operational risk / exposure, even if incidental.

  • This program is not offered on a monoline basis.  In addition to any coverage offered through NPM’s CEPEO? Program, one or more environmental coverage lines must also be placed through NPM for the same insured customer.  These lines include General Liability, Contractor’s Pollution Liability, Environmental Professional Liability, Site Pollution Liability, Umbrella, Excess Liability, Property or Inland Marine coverage.

  • Insured must cover two or more employees under the program.

  • NPM’s CEPEO? program is only open to retail independent insurance agencies and their clients.