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Completely configurable bureau-based policy administration. Never start from scratch again. Ever.

Content + Smart Configuration = Transformational Power.

Quicksolver® enables insurers, reinsurers, MGAs, and MGUs to create and launch new products and programs faster— and keep existing ones refreshed and competitive— with less effort than ever before. Leveraging in-product maintained bureau-based advisory rating content, and extending the ability to house and manage company-specific rates, rules, and forms, means that new product creation never has to start from scratch. The result is a nimble, scalable, and highly (self-service) configurable Policy Administration System that empowers the business to execute on identified opportunities, and stay off of IT’s backlog.

Speed to market has another thing coming.

Out-of-the-box, Quicksolver includes:

  • Short 3-6 month full Policy Administration System implementation timelines
  • The ability to quote new business on Day 1
  • Always up-to-date and historically accurate (dating back 20+ years) ISO, NCCI, and state-specific advisory rating content
  • The ability to house and manage company-specific rating and forms content
  • 50 states, all lines policy enablement, for the admitted and non-admitted space
  • Self-service rate, rule, and form configuration, including
    • Custom coverages
    • Custom class code
    • Custom programs
    • Custom forms
  • Seamless connections to downstream systems
  • Easy access to policy data driving actionable insight
    •  Advanced Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics capabilities
  • Cloud or on premises delivery
  • .NET architecture
  • User-driven, intuitive design

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