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CirrusSM. The Industry's only standalone, configurable, bureau-based rating engine, in the cloud.

Maintained Bureau-Based Rating in the Cloud Has Arrived. Finally.

CirrusSM delivers standalone, bureau-based rating in the cloud, that's ready to generate new business quotes on Day 1. With Cirrus, insurers can access maintained advisory rating content in a standalone rating service, giving companies the power to create brand new insurance products, dust off existing ones so that they’re more competitive, and begin quoting new business immediately, irrespective of what Policy Administration System they use, or are implementing.

Configurable, bureau-based rating

Cirrus provides insurers and managing general agents of all sizes with an accessible and configurable, maintained bureau-based rating service that scales effortlessly as your product offerings change. Built on the backbone of a rich library of ISO, NCCI, and state-specific bureau content, Cirrus's rating engine serves up the most up-to-date and historically accurate rating content available on the market today, well ahead of the effective date (an average of 110 days ahead of schedule). It combines ISO, NCCI, and state-based advisory rating content with the ability for companies to custom configure their rates, loss costs, and corresponding forms to fit their unique filings.

For companies whose success hinges on moving fast and remaining competitive, Cirrus provides easy self-service configuration options, so whether you're relying on bureau content, or your own existing product set as a jumping off point, your new product, program, or even coverage creation efforts never have to start from scratch.

The power you need, in your system of choice

Cirrus is the only cloud-based rating service that provides P&C commercial lines carriers, reinsurers, MGAs, and MGUs ready-to-use, fully populated, maintained, and (self) configurable bureau-based rating capabilities for all lines, in all states, as an independent solution, decoupled from policy administration functionality. Designed specifically for companies that require immediate quote capabilities, Cirrus empowers businesses to begin revenue generating activity on Day 1, whether you choose to perform rating as a standalone function or wish to consume rating in your policy administration system of choice.

Cirrus delivers the following capabilities to the P&C commercial lines space:

  • 50 state, all lines P&C commercial lines rating
  • Included and always up-to-date – as well as historically accurate – advisory rates, loss costs, rules, and forms, from ISO, NCCI, and state-based bureaus
  • Managed and maintained bureau-based content, presenting advisory rating content change an average of 110 days ahead of the effective date
  • Scalable cloud delivery, eliminating most infrastructure and in-house support costs
  • Cloud based rating, all states, all lines, for admitted or non-admitted business
  • The ability to perform a host of transactions over the life of the policy, including: endorsements, renewals, and policy re-writes
  • Highly adaptive communication to policy administration systems
  • A single point of data entry, ensuring clients are easier to do business with
  • A self-service configuration layer, so that insurers can remain preeminently competitive by building products and programs and customizing coverages on the fly
  • Customizable forms engine that will feed any policy administration system

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