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Program Details -

Excess Flood Program



Flood is the most costly disaster in the United States. At Gridiron, we seek out opportunities in the market. Our Excess Flood program is one of the first in the industry. We have a broad appetite and focused approach to flood underwriting. Gridiron is a dedicated program MGU. We provide stable, competitive insurance programs to unique market segments. Contact your underwriter today to learn more.


  • $10,000,000 in Capacity on select risks
  • Minimum 0.25 miles to tidal water
  • Excess over NFIP and select other carriers
  • A, X, B, C Zones are eligible
  • "A" Rated Carrier (Not NFIP)
  • Not a market for COBRA business

Program Highlights

  • Up to $10,000,000 in capacity
  • Excess over NFIP and select other carriers
  • Business Income Available with proper deductible
  • Condos, Dwellings and Commercial
  • Apartments and HOA's
  • Can consider risks up to -2 foot (From BFE)
  • Non-NFIP Product
  • Coverage is available on a primary basis
  • Elevation Certificates are encouraged
  • NFIP/FEMA Compliant policy form
  • Not a market for barrier island risks
  • Competitive commissions
  • Not a market for risks with prior flood losses

Locations Served : California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Washington