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Cryotherapy Business Insurance


Cryotherapy Product Liability Insurance


If you have clients who are involved in the sale or distribution of any chryotherapy products they should seriously consider chryotherapy product liability insurance.  As safe as a device or product may seem, there may be external or internal issues which may cause injury.  Strict Liability Law requires that all products come with safe use and handling instructions.  Including instructions on how not to use the products.  In some cases, warnings are deficient which makes the product defective.  There may also be an issue of the cryotherapy center not following instructions provided the manufacturer.  

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  • Cryotherapy General Liability Insurance: covers slip and fall claims, product liability and other general claims
  • Cryotherapy Professional Liability Insurance: protects a against injury suffered by a client from cryo services
  • Cryotherapy License Action Reimbursement: government action against your business
  • Cryotherapy Business Property Insurance: covers cryo chambers/saunas, computer equipment, etc
  • Cryotherapy Workers Compensation Insurance: required by law in most states if you have an employee
  • Cryotherapy Employers Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI):  unfair dismissal and sexual harassment claims
  • Cryotherapy Directors & Officers Insurance: a must for larger organizations 


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