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Commercial Real Estate Program


Commercial Real Estate Program

CLASSIFICATIONS: Apartment buildings, garden apartments, condominiums, coop-erative apartments and apartments with mercantile, planned unit developments, office buildings, shopping centers, mercantile buildings, hotel/motel and other lessors risk commercial real estate

TERRITORY: 48 States

COVERAGE: Property, general liability, crime (Lessors Risk Only)

PROPERTY: Limits up to $20MM per location including building, contents, time element coverages and ordinance or law. Special form, agreed amount, replace-ment cost available. Deductibles starting at $2,500. Equipment breakdown available.

*Texas to Maine Wind Exclusion applies to Tier 1 and Tier 2 counties*

GENERAL LIABILITY: $1M/$2M limits available. Per location limit available. No deductible. Employee benefits liability, hired non owned auto and stopgap coverage available.

CRIME: Limits up to $500,000 for employee dishonesty; Limits up to $250,000 for forgery and alteration; theft disappearance and destruction; robbery and safe burglary; premises burglary

Enhancement Endorsement(s): Various broadening endorsements provide important coverages tailored specifically for this class of business.

Other: No age restrictions or construction class restrictions

Coastal Condominium Program

CLASSIFICATIONS: Condominium Complexes, Co-ops, Homeowners Associations, Commercial Condominiums, Planned Unit Developments

TERRITORY: Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas

COVERAGE: Property excluding wind, general liability, crime, hired and non-owned automobile

PROPERTY: Limits up to $40MM amount subject. Special form excluding wind, agreed amount, replacement cost available. Deductibles starting at $2,500. Equipment breakdown available. Ordinance or Law coverages can be provided. Extended replacement cost protection endorsement available

GENERAL LIABILITY: $1M/$2M and $2M/$4M limits available. No deductible. Hired and non-owned automobile,
employee benefits liability and stop gap available.

Property broadening form includes important coverages
tailored specifically for this class of business. They include:

- Back up of sewers and drains

- Money and securities

- Employee dishonesty

- Increased cost of construction

- Newly acquired or constructed property

- Debris removal

- Fire extinguisher/suppression recharge

- Outdoor signs

- Outdoor property

- Underground irrigation system

- Fine arts

- Electronic data

- Fire department service charge

CRIME: Employee dishonesty and money and securities are provided under our property broadening form.
Those limits can be increased to a max of $250,000.