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Large Accounts


ASIA: We Provide Workers’ Comp Solutions for Large Accounts

Large companies often look for alternative solutions for Workers' Compensation. This includes Large Deductible programs, Retrospective Rating plans, and self-insurance to take more control over costs while still providing the benefits that are needed to meet obligations and provide indemnification for illnesses, on-the-job injuries, and accidents.

We have access to Workers' Comp markets which specialize in working with large accounts. Such solutions include:

  • Guaranteed Cost Plans: This is a traditional plan in which the billed premium is decided at the start of the policy period and may be adjusted as a result of loss experience. The policy is also rated manually, adjusted by an experience modification and a loss cost multiplier. This adjusted rate is next multiplied by payroll. 
  • Large-Deductible Plans: This is a form of self-insurance which is for an account paying $500,000 or more for Workers' Comp premiums. This allows large insureds to self-insure their risks for Workers' Compensation but not have to satisfy the burden of filing requirements for self-insurance.
  • Retrospective Rating Plans: The ultimate premium for this plan is not determined until after the policy expires. This policy is ideal for accounts paying between $150,000-$500,000 in premium. The final premium is based on the losses of the policy holder. Under these plans, a letter of credit or collateral for future losses is typically not required. 

Locations Served : Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Maryland, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia