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Home Select


High-Value Homeowners Product

RISC Home Select is a homeowners' insurance product designed specifically for higher value homes located throughout the United States.  Owners of primary & vacation homes will now have direct access to coverage including places where it may be difficult to obtain property insurance. RISC Home Select may also cover homes in the course of construction, vacant, as well located in the following areas:

  • Coastline
  • High winds
  • Brush fires
  • Floods or rising water
  • Earthquake

This product is a direct effort to give those the peace of mind to enjoy their houses in these high risk areas. We are targeting to homeowners with the following credentials:

  • Own property with a dwelling value in excess of $250,000 and total insured value up to $7,000,000*
  • Liability limits up to $1,000,000

RISC Home Select is an exclusive product designed through a partnership with SBJ Ltd, an International Insurance and Reinsurance Broker, and the Sagicor Syndicate at Lloyd's.

*Higher limits available upon request.