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Wright Specialty Insurance provides property and casualty insurance programs and risk management solutions that meet the specialized needs of public and private universities, colleges and K-12 schools and public entities (municipalities, counties and districts), and segments of the food service industry. Our specialty insurance programs are effective because our underwriters, claim adjusters and loss prevention specialists understand the unique property and casualty risks educational institutions and public entities, food and beverage wholesalers and distributors, grocery stores, and franchise table-service restaurants, face in this changing and challenging world. Wright Specialty Insurance is an underwriting manager for a carrier rated A XV by A.M. Best Company, Inc. and is affiliated with Wright Risk Management which has been providing underwriting, claims, risk management and litigation management services to the education and public entity sectors for more than 20 years. With more than two decades of experience in underwriting, claims, litigation management and loss control services tailored to the specialized interests of the markets we serve, we have been very successful at helping our policyholders reduce their long term insurance costs.

Knowledgeable, experienced underwriting

Wright Specialty’s experienced underwriting teams are highly skilled at analyzing risks specific to educational institutions and public entities, and the food service industry. An underwriter is assigned to each insured risk and continuously monitors adverse loss trends so concerns can be communicated quickly to our risk control and claims departments for actions that could help reduce future exposures. These well-established lines of communications combined with our highly valued broker/agent relationships bring greater context, consistency and accuracy to our underwriting process.

Our underwriting team also responds to evolving risk issues by helping our claims department adapt claims handling procedures, revising policy wording and coverage forms, and determining new ways of evaluating these risks.

We’re more than a policy.

Wright Specialty Insurance has a single focus -- to partner beyond the policy. Wright Specialty Insurance offers brokers and agents a complete package of targeted, competitively priced coverages and services, and supports policyholders with proven-effective loss prevention assistance and efficient claim handling services, helping them control their cost of risk. This enables policyholders to focus on what they do best.

Programs & Coverages

Wright Specialty’s Education Insurance Program

Wright Specialty’s Municipalities Insurance Program

Wright Specialty's Food Insurance Program

Wright Specialty's Franchise Table-Service Restaurant Insurance Program