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Outside the Box Marketing

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OUTSIDE THE BOX MARKETING offers a wide array of industries, including the insurance sector, key marketing and communications services. Founder and principal Annie George has nearly 25 years of marketing experience, beginning her career in insurance marketing in 1982.

Outside the Box Marketing provides original, innovative solutions
that are relevant to your market. Our team consists of people who take the time to know your programs, get inside what you
want to accomplish, and
offer approaches that make sense and get results.

With a global vision and local perspective, we can help you target different
markets with effective marketing, advertising, and communications strategies, depending on your objectives. We
work fluently in English and Spanish.

Our services include:

Corporate Identity/Branding – including company acquisition
announcements; repositioning in the industry via a name change; new program

Creative Marketing Campaigns – to acquire customers, launch products,
up-sell to existing clients

Graphic Design – ads for B2B or consumer publications; brochures
marketing company, individual products (print/digital); logo design; creation of
all collateral material (stationery, folders, etc.)

Public Relations – communicate new product launchings, important staff
additions, technology advancements, etc.

Web & Interactive Design and Programming – website creation or revamping
an existing one to capitalize on new technologies and update look; developing
interactive presentations for meetings, tradeshows, etc.

E-communication – getting your message across effectively via broadcast

On-line Digital Publishing Tool – a cost-effective, easy service that
takes printed publications (magazines, annual reports, multi-page brochures)
into the digital world

With Outside the Box Marketing, you get a talented, creative team with
the experience and expertise to meet and exceed your marketing expectations and
maximize profits and growth. See what can happen when the right brain meets the
left brain and inspiration and creativity are in sync with business savvy.

Programs & Coverages

Corporate Identity/Branding

Graphic Design

Web & Interactive Design and Programming

On-Line Digital Publishing Tool

Creative Marketing Campaigns

Public Relations