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Zurich Launches Global Risk Assessment Module at Davos

Source: Zurich

Posted on 27 Jan 2009

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Zurich Financial Services Group (Zurich) announced today that it will launch its new Global Risk Assessment Module in conjunction with the World Economic Forum 2009 in Davos this week. The interactive tool provides a conceptual and analytical framework to assess 24 global risks and simulate the impact of a changing risk landscape across 160 individual countries. The Global Risk Assessment Module is part of ongoing efforts to develop deep risk insights that are relevant for Zurich’s customers and public stakeholders.

Insights gained on the basis of Zurich’s Global Risk Assessment Module have already provided a valuable contribution for the annual Global Risks Report, which was recently published by the World Economic Forum.

Zurich’s Global Risk Assessment Module will be exhibited throughout various locations during the World Economic Forum 2009 in Davos.

Detailed information about the Zurich Global Risk Assessment Module (PDF, 1.6 MB) as well as static output, showing the clustering and relative positioning of countries with the respect to certain risks, can be downloaded from


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