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WillisWire to Provide Clients, Media and the Public Global Insights on Risk

Posted on 23 Sep 2011

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Willis Group Holdings plc, the global insurance broker, today unveiled a new blogging platform, WillisWire, where experts from around the Group will share their insights on the full spectrum of risks affecting businesses around the word. From the oldest known perils, like hurricanes and seismic disturbances, to newer risks, such as terrorism, reputation damage and cyber security, WillisWire will add knowledgeable voices to the ongoing dialogue on risks facing the planet and the people who inhabit it.

WillisWire, which will grow each week with fresh content and intellectual capital of interest to the insurance industry, went live today with a post from Willis Chairman and CEO, Joe Plumeri. Plumeri blogged about risks facing Asian commerce following a speech he delivered to business leaders in Hong Kong yesterday.

In his post, Plumeri said, “With change accelerating in the risk landscape, it’s important that companies are aware of the range of challenges facing their business and receive useful information in real time. This is why we’ve pulled together Willis experts who have spent their careers deeply interwoven with our clients’ industries to share their knowledge and insights through our new blog, WillisWire, which today I have the honor to inaugurate.”

WillisWire facilitates a global exchange of ideas and features some of the brightest minds of Willis Group, one of the world’s leading brokers. These bloggers will provide short, timely posts on the insurance implications of natural and man-made disasters. The blog will also address the latest issues, trends and news impacting businesses around the world from industries including Energy, Marine, Aviation and Construction, to Reinsurance and Financial Services.

WillisWire will deliver the Group’s global insights through a range of interactive tools and features:

* A Real Simple Syndication (RSS) feed that lets readers subscribe to receive updates on any industry as soon as they’re posted.
* Multimedia communications including video, graphics and audio clips
* Full integration with Twitter and other forms of social media, allowing real-time knowledge sharing.
* Key word tagging that lets visitors quickly search for topics of interest.

Commenting on the launch, Josh King, Senior Vice President, Willis Group Marketing and Communications, said, “WillisWire is a window into the Willis world of expertise and serves as a dynamic online portal from which we can share our knowledge and views on risk faster and more regularly with our clients, the media and industry colleagues.”

In addition to original essays and observations from Willis thought leaders, WillisWire will provide immediate access to research, white papers and podcasts and video from speeches and presentations at events around the world.

As the latest result of the broker’s effort to communicate faster and more effectively in the digital age, the launch of WillisWire follows a broader social media drive by Willis this year. Today, Willis has a strong following on Twitter and also a growing presence on Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn, where it shares commentary on risks and Group news.