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Texas Governor Vetoes Bill to Ban Texting While Driving

Posted on 21 Jun 2011

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Texas Governor Rick Perry has vetoed a bill that would have outlawed sending or reading text messages while driving.

Lawmakers approved the bill last month, but Governor Perry called it an "overreach" and "government effort to micromanage the behavior of adults."

"The keys to dissuading drivers of all ages from texting while driving are information and education,” Perry said in his veto statement. “I recommend additional education on this issue in driving safety and driver’s education courses, public service ads, and announcements, and I encourage individuals and organizations that testified in favor of the anti-texting language included in this bill to work with state and local leaders to educate the public of these dangers.”

It was one of 23 bills Perry vetoed Friday, in addition to a handful of line item vetoes in the state budget.