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Supreme Court to Announce Decision on Health-Law this Thursday

Source: WSJ

Posted on 25 Jun 2012 by Neilson

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Health Care Supreme CourtThe Supreme Court’s eagerly awaited ruling on the 2010 federal health-care law is expected on Thursday, when the court will announce its final opinions of the term.

The high court announced two decisions on Monday. Three more, including the health-care case, remain pending.

Chief Justice John Roberts announced from the bench that Thursday will be the court’s final session before it takes a summer break. The chief justice said all remaining opinions will be announced then.

On Monday, the Supreme Court upheld a key part of Arizona’s tough immigration law that calls for police to check the immigration status of people they stop, but struck down other parts as intrusions on federal sovereignty.

Also, the court reaffirmed its two-year-old decision relaxing limits on corporate campaign spending as it reversed a Montana court ruling upholding state restrictions.