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Supply Firm in Florida Sues German Company Over Defective Chinese Drywall

Source: AP

Posted on 19 Jul 2011

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Florida-based Banner Supply Company is suing a German conglomerate for $100 million over defective Chinese drywall installed in tens of thousands of homes.

In the lawsuit filed on Friday Banner alleges  that Knauf Gips made false claims about the quality of the drywall. The lawsuit also contends that Knauf knew the odor-emitting sulfur in the drywall would damage other housing materials, such as wiring and metals.

Banner says it has been forced to pay nearly $55 million to homeowners in a settlement over the drywall. Banner attorneys say Knauf has contended it isn't subject to U.S. laws because the drywall was made in China.

The lawsuit was filed in federal court in New Orleans. A Knauf spokeswoman in the U.S. didn't immediately respond to an email seeking comment.


Gesine Fournell-Anger Jul 25 2011 3:28PM Report Abuse
How very lame - so that makes it right to install faulty materials just because Knauf "may" not fall under US laws? That will be an interesting case to follow - how about the health hazards that are already under investigation, How does Knauf justify that? That's just cold. I bet Knauf made a ton of money on these deals with China - let them spend it all on their defense.Nothing but pure greed. Shame on Knauf ! I bet you wont find such drywall in any German owned homes that Knauf worked on. How will Chinese law prevail in these cases?
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