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RMS: Economic Losses from Japan Quake, Tsunami Could Reach $300 Billion

Posted on 21 Mar 2011

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Catastrophe modeler Risk Management Solutions Inc. said Monday that economic losses from the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan likely will be $200 billion to $300 billion.

Although it was still too soon to assess the total insured loss, RMS added that only a "minor proportion" of this would be covered by insurance.

The estimate from RMS comprises losses resulting from the earthquake and the tsunami it triggered, including the impact of power supply disruption and the cost of decommissioning nuclear power stations.


Larry Neilson Mar 21 2011 1:40PM Report Abuse
$300 billion is the GNP of Taiwan and the amount the on-line advertising industry contributes to the GNP of the USA
Paul Neilson Mar 21 2011 12:14PM Report Abuse
A $100 Billion window is a pretty big you think it falls in the window?
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