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RISC Announces New Event Cancellation Program

Posted on 24 Jun 2011

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RISC, Inc. offers Event Select, a program that provides coverages customized for all of event cancellation needs, including disease outbreak, adverse weather conditions, cancellation of a keynote speaker, and more. 

Eligible Classes include: concerts, special events, fairs, conventions, trade shows, festivals, exhibitions, art & antique shows, and corporate meetings.

The program offers limits up to $10 million with special coverage available for outdoor events including golf outings. Coverage is provided for curtailment, enforced reduced attendance and failure to vacate. Additionally, should an event be cancelled or interrupted due to labor disputes and industrial action, coverage is also provided. Terrorism coverage with a sub-limit of $750,000 is included.


Paul Neilson Jun 24 2011 10:11AM Report Abuse
When your dealing with risk then you need to be dealing with the folks at RISC...
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