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Professional Program Insurance Brokerage Extends Program to Offer Excess Coverage for Certain Professional Liability Classes

Posted on 21 Sep 2012 by Neilson

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PPIB Excess coverage
Professional Program Insurance Brokerage (PPIB) of Novato, CA has extended their program to offer Excess for some classes of Professional Liability. They have also announced two new Excess markets.

PPIB targest the following classes our Excess Program: Auto Buffer and Small Auto Fleets, Manufacturers, Commercial and Residential Contractors, Forest Products: (including Pulp, Paper, Lumber, and Wood Products), Habitational, Apartments and Condominiums, Heavy Industrial and Machine Shops, Special Events, Services Firms, Restaurants, Schools, Religious Institutions and Truck/Trailer Manufacturers.

There are admitted and non-admitted options available with a $10 million lead capacity or a $15 million excess capacity over $10 million.

The policy structure follows form excess policy over claims-made and occurrence forms, umbrella and excess liability.

Risks to be avoided include: Energy Related, Environmental Large Auto Fleets and Extra-Heavy Trucks/Tractors, Life Sciences, Mining.  

For more information visit their website or call 415.475.4300 or email