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Partner Re Increases Loss Estimates from New Zealand Earthquake

Posted on 15 Dec 2010

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PartnerRe Ltd. today updated its loss estimate relating to the September 3, 2010 New Zealand earthquake.

The Company now expects its loss estimate for the New Zealand Earthquake to be in the range of $140 - $160 million. The revision upward from the Company's initial published estimate of $64 million, included in its third quarter 2010 financial results, is based on a review of recent information received from several cedants and reflects the higher than expected number of new claims filed in November and December.

It also reflects engineering reports regarding the extent of land damage. Based on this information, the Company estimates an industry loss of approximately $4.5 - $5.5 billion.

PartnerRe's loss estimate is pre-tax, net of reinstatement premiums, assumed and ceded, and net of retrocession. These losses are expected to be contained primarily within the Catastrophe sub-segment.

The Company added that to date there have been no other significant large losses during the quarter.