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PCW: Emerging from the Sorm: The Day After Tomorrow for Insurance

Source: Pricewaterhouse Coopers

Posted on 08 Dec 2009

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Drawing on input from a range of leading insurers, financial market participants and PricewaterhouseCoopers specialists from around the world, our latest publication, "Emerging from the Storm: The Day After Tomorrow for Insurance" provides a global perspective on the financial crisis and how it is set to reshape the industry. It examines some of the key developments that are likely to affect particular segments and geographical markets and their strategic implications.

The report is centered around the nine key developments PricewaterhouseCoopers believes the insurance industry currently faces:

* Organic restructuring

* The end of innocence for retail investors

* Re-awakening of M&A

* Another re-think on reporting

* Blurring the lines

* Overhaul of rewards

* Mounting uncertainty over tax

* Challenging prospects for reinsurers

* Tilting the regulatory playing field

The report begin by charting the immediate impact of the crisis (the world 'today') and how the current skepticism and uncertainty are likely to mold stakeholder expectations going forward (the world 'tomorrow'). The main section looks at how the industry landscape will look in the aftermath of the crisis and how this will determine the strategic choices facing insurers over the next three to five years (the 'day after tomorrow').

To find out more about "The Day After Tomorrow" perspective series, visit:


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