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PCI Speaks Up for Preserving McCarran-Ferguson Law

Source: PCI

Posted on 09 Oct 2009

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PCI submitted testimony October 8, 2009 opposing repeal of the McCarran-Ferguson Act. The legislation, H.R. 3596, the Health Insurance Industry Antitrust Enforcement Act of 2009 would eliminate McCarran's federal deference to state antitrust oversight and reduce competition for consumers in the important health and medical liability insurance markets.

The McCarran-Ferguson Act is Good for Consumers

The limited exemption that allows insurers to share loss data promotes competition in the marketplace by putting small and medium-sized companies on a level playing field with much larger competitors. It creates efficiencies for insurers that translate into savings and choice for insurance buyers. Repealing the exemption would create market disruptions in states that can least afford it, especially in recovering markets in coastal areas where small insurers are filling important availability gaps.