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PCI Fights Accident Tax Across the Country

Source: PCI

Posted on 03 Mar 2010

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Concern is growing in California and other states regarding local governments charging accident response fees. These fees are in essence an accident tax. PCI and its affiliate the Association of California Insurance Companies are leading the opposition to these fees.

* Chicago Suburb Imposes Crash Tax on Visitors

Flossmoor is the latest Chicago suburb to levy accident response fees. This controversial action is also very unpopular according to a FOX Chicago TV viewer poll. Bob Passmore of the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America says that charging a crash tax isn't very inviting to people who want to come and do business in your town. more >

* Concerns about Accident Response Fees Discussed on Los Angeles Radio Station

The highly-rated Los Angeles talk radio station KFI-AM interviewed Association of California Insurance Companies President Sam Sorich who put a spotlight on the problems and unfairness of accident taxes, also know as crash taxes. The hosts on the John and Ken Show expressed outrage and called these fees double taxation.

* Communities around the San Francisco Bay Area Consider the Accident Tax

KPIX-TV in San Francisco reports that many California drivers may soon pay an accident response fee. Many local governments in California are looking to increase revenues by billing out-of-towners if they are unfortunate enough to have an accident while visiting, shopping or just passing through.

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PCI's Accident Tax Web site and ACIC's California's Accident Tax Web Site help bring public awareness of and mobilize opposition to the practice of municipalities charging accident response fees when police department personnel respond to a traffic accident. The sites serve as an informational resource on this issue, offer an interactive sounding board for those who have been adversely affected by the practice and provide the public with the communication tools to contact elected officials and the media to have their voices heard.