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NCOIL Members Drawing Line in the Sand When it Comes to Proposed Regulation

Source: Bestweek Wire Services

Posted on 23 Nov 2009

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According to BestWeek, members of the National Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL) have been drawing a line in the sand, trying to mark what they contend is appropriate regulatory territory for the states before the U.S. Congress calls for the federal government to march into it. And the organization’s leaders are encouraging the legislators to tell their congressional delegations to stay out of state business.

At the group's annual meeting — from Nov. 18-22 in New Orleans — state legislators criticized congressional attempts to encroach on long-standing state authority over insurance — coming out against proposals for new federal entities, such as an insurance office and a consumer protection agency that would oversee aspects of insurance.

“I think the current administration and makeup of Congress is much more federally driven at this point in time,” said NCOIL’s new president, Kentucky Rep. Robert Damron. “They’ve forgotten states’ rights, even those who were state legislators at one time.”


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