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Mobile Devices Ranked Number One by Major Insurance Telematics Study

Posted on 15 Jun 2012 by Neilson

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Published this month by PTOLEMUS, the Insurance Telematics Study ranked Mobile Devices as the #1 black box Telematics Technology Provider for the European and North American markets, in a list of 21 players worldwide.

In terms of customer segments, Mobile Devices also ranked #1 in Europe for Personal Lines, #1 in the US for Commercial lines and #1 in "other Continents" for Commercial Lines.

The ranking of the key suppliers is one of the findings of the 400-page strategic study, which highlights a number of important lessons for the insurance sector.

According to Frederic Bruneteau, Founder & Managing Director of PTOLEMUS, by enabling insurers to build their pricing based on the actual, real-time behaviour of drivers, Pay as you Drive (PAYD) completely redefines the way of charging based on risk. Underwriters must adapt to the new connected way of doing business.

The hardware used to enable PAYD is only one of the key links in a long chain. But in this burgeoning market, Mobile Device's C4 OBD2 Dongle has upstaged the competition.

Reasons include:

  • Mobile Devices' 10-years of experience in the domain of telematics and its financial stability;
  • The C4 geographic range of adoption;
  • Today, C4 devices can be found in more than 40 countries;
  • The constant innovation that has permitted Mobile Devices to stay at the forefront of the industry and be the only player providing an open, OS based telematics platform;
  • Morpheus 3 Open Telematics Platform allowing insurance players to start with the basic location-based assessment and upgrade their services all the way to full driver scoring without touching the device.

"This flexibility, offered to the service providers at a time when so many are running trials to test the validity and attractiveness of their offers, was a critical factor in Mobile Devices' ranking," concluded Frederic Bruneteau.

About Mobile Devices:

Mobile Devices is a leading provider of connected telematics devices all running a single Operating System and connected to a Cloud-based gateway solution. With Morpheus3, Mobile Devices delivers the leading open telematics OS and its SDK for a wide range of onboard vehicle tracking device and solutions targeting both the consumer and fleet markets and enabling a marketplace for telematics services. Mobile Devices is also a leading provider of next generation Connected Driver Assistants, PND for Tracking, OBD2 Dongles and Connected SmartBoxes, all running Morpheus3 OS.