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MetLife Will Pay $1.5 Billion to Eligible Policyholders

Source: MetLife

Posted on 16 Mar 2010

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According to a spokesperson for MetLife, Inc., its life insurance subsidiary, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, has given the green light to make approximately $1.5 billion in policy dividend payments to eligible life insurance policyholders for 2010.

"This dividend payout not only reflects MetLife's financial strength and stability, but also our commitment to our policyholders, today and for the future," said Todd Katz, executive vice president of MetLife U.S. Business. "This dividend payout demonstrates that our disciplined practices and focus on the long-term continue to serve our policyholders well."

Eligible life insurance policyholders include MetLife clients with certain in-force permanent life insurance policies, primarily whole life, and certain term life insurance policies.

Life insurance policy dividends are based on the performance of participating policies, including investment returns, mortality, persistency and expenses, among other factors, and are therefore not guaranteed.