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Marketing: What Makes An Effective Website

Posted on 01 Jun 2012 by Annie George

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Optimized websitesAs part of Neilson Marketing Services, sister company to, in developing optimized websites for agencies and MGAs/MGUs and wholesalers over the last few years, there are several fundamentals that make a site successful. This includes having a site that looks good, is easy to navigate (you can find what you’re looking for within seconds), a prominent call to action so that individuals and businesses can request more information and a request for on-line quotes on specific coverages if available, the ability to find contact information, and having a site that’s optimized for speed. What’s more, when it comes to our clients’ main services and product offerings, we make sure they are front and center and featured on the home page.

What we’ve been creating for our customers is backed by a recent study by J.D. Powers and Associates, which evaluated the responses provided by 1,650 auto insurance shoppers on carrier sites. According to the study the experience that shoppers have on an insurance company’s website impacts their likelihood to shop and recommend the insurer. The five factors that contribute to overall satisfaction include “ease of navigating the website; appearance of the website; clarity of information provided on the website; range of services that can be performed on the website; and speed of the website.”

The study says that among shoppers looking for auto insurance of those who were pleased (satisfaction scores of 900 and above on a 1,000-point scale) with their website experience, 63% are more likely to shop the insurer after visiting their website, compared with 14% of shoppers who were disappointed with the website (satisfaction scores of less than 550). Additionally, 50% of delighted shoppers say they “definitely will” recommend the insurer to others, while only two percent of disappointed shoppers say the same.

Furthermore, the quoting process is key to the online shopping experience, according to the survey’s respondents. While many insurers streamline this process by limiting the number of questions a prospect has to complete, not all companies are equal when  providing a positive quote experience. The study finds that 72% of shoppers who requested a quote online were able to receive one immediately, compared with 18% who were required to wait for a follow-up response and an additional 10% who were unable to obtain a quote at all.  If a company can’t provide a fast quote, it most likely will lose out on writing the business.

How does your website stack up? Are visitors finding the information they need immediately? Can they navigate the site easily? Is your contact information right there for them to call you?

Chart Source: J.D. Powers 2012 Insurance Website Evaluation Study