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Maritime General Agency and Marine MGA Offering USL&H Program

Posted on 17 Sep 2010

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Maritime General Agency and Marine MGA are now offering a USL&H program.

USL&H submissions can be sent to your Ocean Marine or Recreational Marine Underwriters. Worker's Comp ACORD applications are acceptable for most risks, but there might be occasions when a USL&H supplemental will be requested. The supplement USL&H applications are available at These applications will also be posted to Marine MGA's website within the week.

Minimum premiums vary by state and class code, but are generally broken down as follows:

$10,000 for NY & NJ

$6,500 for CA, DE, PA, FL, GA & MA

$5,000 for all other states

The addition of our USL&H program through Chartis rounds out Maritime's Ocean Marine Department, where we have programs available to our brokers for marine contractors, commercial hull and P&I, excess liability, cargo, passenger and charter vessels.