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Insurer Doesn't Want to Cover Sandusky's Legal Bills

Posted on 27 Dec 2011

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The insurance company covering Jerry Sandusky's legal bills wants an out from paying expenses that could reach six figures.

The former Penn State coach has been charged with 50 counts of criminal conduct in alleged cases of sexual abuse of minors. Sandusky has denied all of the charges.

Federal Insurance Co. of Warren, N.J., says any illegal acts by the former Pennsylvania State University football coach were not committed "in his capacity" as an official of Second Mile, the nonprofit organization Sandusky founded in 1977 to help troubled youths.

While the insurance policy does provide for legal costs, the company's filing in U.S. District Court in Williamsport maintains that paying for such costs "arising from sexual assault, molestation" or abuse is "repugnant to Pennsylvania public policy" and so should be barred.

Sandusky's lawyer Joe Amendola told the Associated press that "I can say it's not unexpected that the insurance carrier would attempt to get out from under representing Jerry."