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Helios Insurance Group Enters Special Event Insurance Market in the US

Posted on 25 Mar 2011

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Helios Insurance Group LLC, headquartered in Dallas, TX, a portfolio company of Helios Capital focused on specialty business insurance, has announced their plans to enter the special event insurance sector to sell and distribute special event insurance products through a new strategic business unit E1 and online distribution portal –

E1 will sell insurance directly to the consumer by utilizing the Internet portal ( and telemarketing. Initially, the focus will be on special events including weddings, parties, festivals, concerts/promoter, trade show, weather rain, and event cancellation insurance but the company will continuously update its business model to meet the needs of the evolving event insurance sector.

Speaking on their foray into the growing special event insurance market Will Terrell, Director of E1 remarked, “We have been watching the special event insurance industry and are very excited about the immense opportunity in the emerging online insurance sector. Becoming known as the provider of choice in specialty events is our target.”

“Buying financial products directly over the Internet in the B2B space is still a new and growing opportunity. We will engage directly with the event venues using the online platform to provide insurance products efficiently. Building an easy to use website and offering a hassle-free way to buy insurance with superior customer service will be the core focus of the company, ” added Bryan Warren, COO, Helios Insurance Group.

“Our goal is to become the number one distributor of online specialty business insurance products in the U.S. and eventually the world”, added Luke Sweetser, CEO, Helios Insurance Group. Helios Insurance Group’s aim is to provide the right combination of service and cost in distributing insurance products to the specialty business insurance consumer. Once E1 gains traction, the Company will seek to expand its specialty business insurance products to cyber liability and other commercial lines.

About Helios Insurance Group
Helios Insurance Group is a diversified financial services portfolio company of Helios Capital headquartered in Dallas, Texas, focusing on specialty business insurance. Its mission is to “Empower and Protect People, Profits and the Planet.”™

About Helios Capital
Helios Capital is a private equity firm focused on funding and developing Companies that Matter™. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, the Helios Capital mission is simple: provide whatever it takes to help select entrepreneurs and their teams realize their vision and goals. Helios Capital has successfully implemented its formula to over 36 portfolio companies representing $2.6 billion in aggregate revenue.