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Hackers Hit Online Shoe Seller Zappos

Source: AP

Posted on 16 Jan 2012

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Online shoe seller says a hacker may have accessed the personal information of up to 24 million customers.

The company, which is owned by Inc., says customers' credit card and payment information was not stolen. But names, phone numbers, email addresses, billing and shipping addresses, the last four digits from credit cards and more may have been accessed in the attack.

Zappos Chief Executive Tony Hsieh alerted employees and customers of the cyber-attack in an email on Sunday that is posted on the company's website.

Zappos is contacting customers by email and urging them to change their passwords.

Zappos said the hacker gained access to its internal network and systems through one of the company's servers in Kentucky. Zappos is based in Las Vegas.


Andrew Jan 16 2012 11:00AM Report Abuse
by them getting the last 4 of a credit card, does this mean they can find a away to access your account given the other personal info they have? I was also a victim of this as well...
Paul Neilson Jan 16 2012 10:05AM Report Abuse
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