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Fed Looking to Oversee Insurers that Own Savings & Loans Banks

Source: SNL & National Underwriters

Posted on 04 May 2012

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Fed GovernmentFollowing is a list of insurers currently targeted by the Fed for additional oversight because they operate a thrift. While some of the companies on this list are seeking to shed their thrifts to avoid addtional federal regulation, others are willing to live with additional federal oversight.

According to federal regulators, the list of companies under scrutiny by the Fed is a "moving target," and it is subject to change.

Insurer: AIG/Thrift: AIG FSB (Wilton, CN)

Insurer: Ameriprise/Thrift: Ameriprise Bank FSB (Minneapolis, MN)

Insurer: Auto Club Insurance Association/Thrift: Auto Club Trust Bank FSB (Dearborn, MI)

Insurer: CICO Holding/Thrift: Colonial Savings Bank (Fort Worth, TX) Note: The thrift and Colonial Life and Colonial Mortgage Insurance Co. are under common ownership, though the insurance companies do not directly own the thrift.

Insurer: Country Financial/Thrift: Country Trust Bank (Bloomington, IL)

Insurer: Northwestern Mutual/Thrift: NW Mutual Wealth Management Co. (Milwaukee, WI)

Insurer: MassMutual/Thrift: MassMutual Trust Co. FSB (Springfield, MA)

Insurer: Donegal Mutual/Thrift: Union Comm Bank FSB (Marietta, PA)

Insurer: First American/Thrift: First American Trust FSB (Santa Ana, CA)

Insurer: TIAA-CREF/Thrift: TIAA-CREF Trust Co. FSB (St. Louis, MO)

Insurer: Prudential Financial/Thrift: Prudential Bank and Trust FSB (Philadelphia, PA) Note: Prudential is in the process of selling off deposits and converting its thrift to a trust bank.

Insurer: Ohio Farmers/Thrift: Westfield Bank FSB (Westfield Center, OH)

Insurer: Polish National Alliance of the U.S./Thrift: PNA Bank (Chicago, IL)

Insurer: Shelter Mutual/Thrift: Shelter Financial Bank (Nashville, TN)

Insurer: State Farm/Thrift: State Farm Bank FSB (Bloomington, IL)

Insurer: N.J Manufacturers/Thrift: N.J.M Bank FSB (West Trenton, NJ)

Insurer: UNIFI MHC/Thrift: Acacia FSB (Falls Church, VA)

Insurer: USAA/Thrift: USAA FSB (San Antonio, TX)

Insurer: WPS Health/Thrift: WPS Comm Bank FSB (Madison, WI)

Insurer: W.R. Berkley/Thrift: InsurBanc (Farmington, CN)