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FEATURE: Monarch Partners Group LLC - The Source for Workers Comp Coverage for Distressed Risks

Source: By Annie George

Posted on 30 Nov 2011

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We recently spoke with Ken Heideger, manager of  Monarch Partners Group LLC (MGP), which principally focuses on writing Workers Compensation for distressed risks. MPG is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida and has an office in Los Angeles, California. Ken has been in staffing and other distressed risk workers’ comp brokerage space for nearly 15 years, and spoke to us about MPG and the programs they provide.

“We work with thousands of Property/Casualty agencies around the country,” said Ken, “when they have a difficult time placing Workers Comp coverage on a particular risk, they contact MPG. These are primarily distressed risks, with staffing as a major market for us. Many insurance carriers don’t look favorably on temporary staffing operations because these risks have a tougher time controlling losses. As a result, they end up in state pools or other less desirable programs. We can offer an alternative solution to this, such as a deductible master policy PEO or a pay-go program.”

Carriers in MPG’s programs are rated from B to A+, depending on the risk and appetite of the insurer. The programs are open access to agents, and available in every state.

“MPG offers several types of programs: stand-alone Workers Compensation policies, master PEO, and pay-go. MPG pays agents competitive level commissions on each type of program,” explained Ken.

In addition to the staffing industry, MPG also offers Workers Comp to other industries and businesses, including: construction, manufacturing, trucking, roofing, companies with hi mods, those with good mods and bad losses, and those with multiple locations. MPG will write both companies large and small, with its primary focus on companies with $50,000 in premium on up.

MPG also has a Workers Comp program for Owner Operator Drivers. This program is structured through a master PEO policy where the motor carrier or private carrier having owner operators must place one or more of its internal employees into its PEO program for the purpose of gaining access to coverage and allowing MPG to perform underwriting and economically cover and issue Workers Comp certificates of liability insurance to as many Owner Operators as the motor carrier or private carrier desires.

There are a number of key benefits in doing business with MPG, including having the ability to write all types of distressed risks and flexibility in the creativity and designing of a program tailored specifically for a particular risk. “Additionally, we offer a pay-go program with very low or little money down in many cases,” explained Ken. “We can also do a high-deductible program – from $350,000 per claim on down to guaranteed cost. And we have payroll-funding programs that are flexible and economically feasible for staffing companies.”

What’s more, for staffing and non-staffing companies that have a substantial premium in the range of $300,000-plus, MPG’s PEO programs allows clients to process their payroll and issue their own paychecks in their own bank accounts. “Payroll taxes are paid through a PEO tax number, and the payroll is recorded on the PEO’s books,” explained Ken. “The uniqueness of this program is that the companies can continue to do their payroll, but transfer the Workers Comp, taxes, and recorded payroll to us. By so doing, especially for staffing companies that drive their client billing off their payroll, they can continue to do so through our PEO relationship in lieu of having to switch their payroll over to us and basically having to enter everything twice.”

Other benefits include extensive loss-control services, which are essential for distressed risks. Experts at MPG will look at what is driving these risks and provide recommendations to mitigate losses. This is part of the PEO program and available at an additional cost for the stand-alone program. The PEO program also includes HR, training, administrative services, Health & Voluntary Benefits.

For more information about MPG’s programs, please contact Ken at 954-554-3456 or email at You can also visit Monarch’s website at: