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FEATURE: Affinity Agency Group Knows the Club Business Inside Out

Posted on 01 Mar 2011

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Located in Morristown, New Jersey, Affinity Agency Group, LLC was formed in 2006 to provide insurance programs and services to those industries that share a common bond.  And in just four years, the breadth and depth of the staff’s expertise in the Club sector has afforded the opportunity to write Clubs and other program groups throughout the United States.

President & CEO David Harnois came up through the ranks of the Club business, having spent most of his 30-year professional career managing clubs and gaining maximum knowledge of the industry and insight into all aspects of its operations. His practical knowledge of Club organizations provides Affinity with the ability to offer brokers a true partnership, eliminating the guesswork from the many complexities when writing this class of business. We spoke with David about Affinity’s approach and overall philosophy in providing a much-needed service to his Club associates.

“I became involved in the insurance business because of my experience in Clubs and my desire to provide a viable alternative program,” said David. “After getting licensed, I began working for an agency in program marketing and program business, and in 2006, I decided to form the Affinity Agency Group, a general agency dedicated to the development of association-group programs. In just over four years we have become a recognized and trusted Program Administrator, our staff has grown to15, and our Affinity Club Links Program is available in all 50 states.  Additional programs developed: Veterinarian and Car Wash.”

David loves the business and enjoys providing a true working benefit to his friends in the Club industry. “We speak their language and understand that the services they offer bring a great deal of uniqueness to the types of coverage a Club needs,” explained David. “Some of the clubs have ice rinks, equestrian facilities, curling and trap and skeet, for example. They have landscaping operations and offer various hospitality amenities to attract and service their members. There are complicated risks involved that need the experience and expertise of someone who has an intimate working knowledge of the operations.”

Affinity’s expertise is a true asset to Clubs and its partner agents and brokers. “We often work with agents that only write one Club risk so they gain real and tangible value from our expertise. We provide a good resource for them with respect to identifying the varied types of activities that are represented at a particular Club operation.  By knowing what a Club really needs to be adequately covered, we can then recommend and provide cost-effective insurance solutions.  This is a significant advantage for our agents,” said David.

“Through our expertise and experience in this space we have developed a holistic insurance solution for Clubs,” continued David. “It’s a program dedicated to service excellence and designed by professionals that understand the needs of a Club operation.  The program provides broad and cost-effective coverage with the flexibility to provide higher limits in areas where additional protection may be required.  We recognize that every Club is unique and it is our goal to provide appropriate coverage; this while respecting the fiduciary responsibility of those responsible for placing coverage by not driving Clubs to purchase what they don’t need.”

Affinity’s Club Links Program is underwritten by an A-rated carrier and includes all lines of Property and Casualty coverage including; Workers Compensation, Umbrella, Professional Liability, Pollution Liability, etc., in addition to some Accident & Health.

Additionally, several club associations endorse Affinity’s Club Links Program, including the New Jersey State Golf Association and the Golf Association of Philadelphia (GAP).  Affinity also maintains memberships with several national and local trade associations.

For more information about Affinity’s Club Links Program as well as its other programs, visit You can contact David at 973-984-1000, ext. 111, or via email or Brian Thiemer, Program Manager, at ?973-984-1000, ext. 119, or via email at