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Deloitte Report: Strategies to Attract and Engage Gen Y in the U.S. Insurance Industry

Posted on 12 Jun 2012 by Neilson

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Generation Y and insuranceTalent management is one of the biggest challenges faced by the insurance industry today. A combination of demographic, economic and financial dynamics is leading to shortages of insurance professionals joining the work stream – forcing insurance companies to rethink their strategies and priorities for replenishing and growing their work force.

Deloitte's latest study, "Generational Talent Management for Insurers: Strategies to Attract and Engage Generation Y in the U.S. Insurance Industry", focuses on replenishing and growing the work force within the U.S. insurance industry. In this industry, a majority of underwriters, adjusters and sales agents are aged 40 or older, and the younger pipeline of replacements is diminishing steadily. To be competitive, leaders across this industry must develop an understanding of the new and largest entrant work force – Generation Y – including their expectations, strengths and working styles.

This report will help you to better understand Gen Y’s needs, and cultivate innovative talent management and recruiting strategies to attract this crucial demographic. You can download the full report here.