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Court to Look at Overtime Pay for Drug Sales Reps

Source: AP

Posted on 29 Nov 2011

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The Supreme Court has agreed to consider whether pharmaceutical sales representatives can bill their employers for overtime, a case that could affect the pay of tens of thousands of people.

The court said Monday that it will review a federal appeals court ruling that held the sales reps do not qualify for overtime under federal labor law. Other appeals courts have ruled differently and the pharmaceutical industry joined in the call for Supreme Court review.

The sales reps meet with physicians in the hope that doctors will prescribe one company’s medicine over another’s. Two salesmen who once worked for drug maker GlaxoSmithKline filed a class-action lawsuit claiming that they were not paid for the 10 to 20 hours they worked each week on average outside the normal business day.


James Rogers Nov 30 2011 8:32AM Report Abuse
This is absolutely ridiculous. Pharmaceutical Reps get very well. All they have to do is pay for thier lunch, and the company pays for the rest of thier expenses including the car they drive. I know because I worked for one in 1976.
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