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Consumers Favor Lower Rates Over Home-Auto Insurance Packages

Source: IFAWebnews

Posted on 19 Jan 2012

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Home and auto insurance buyers were less interested in home-auto package discounts in 2011 than the year prior, and more aware of competitive premium rates, a new study says.

In 2011, 48% of surveyed homeowners said they took advantage of a home-auto package discount, compared to 54% the year prior, according to the survey. visitors showed less interest in insurance discounts in 2011 even though home insurance rates increased since 2009. The average 12-month home insurance rate across the country in 2010 for customers was $662, compared to $730 the following year.

Most companies advertise discounts in the range of 15-25% for insuring an automobile, motorcycle, watercraft or other policy along with a standard homeowners policy, reported.

While survey respondents reported taking less advantage of home-auto discounts, more respondents in 2011 said they take advantage of discounts for safety features. From 2010 to 2011, there was a 2% increase in homeowners who have a burglar alarm discount included in their policy. There was a 1% increase in respondents who take advantage of a smoke alarm discount.

While fewer homeowners claim to take advantage of a home-auto discount, they are increasingly aware of their insurance premiums, the survey found. In 2011, 67% said that competitive rates were the top reason for choosing their current insurance policy.