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Chartis Increases Construction Project Capacity to $125 Million

Posted on 31 Jan 2011

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The Chartis insurers announced an increase, from $100 million to $125 million, in net and treaty capacity for construction projects from the Global Marine and Energy Property unit of its Global Marine and Energy Division. This capacity will be available on a global basis for any one risk in the energy, alternative energy and manufacturing sectors, as well as a broad range of CAR (construction all-risk) risks.

“The increased capacity reflects our strong commitment to serving the needs of our clients worldwide,” said Robert Kuchinski, President of Global Marine and Energy Property. “In addition, we have created Centers of Excellence (COE) in key areas around the world to bring maximum underwriting authority closer to our clients and brokers.”

Alf Mueller, Worldwide Construction Product Line Manager, said, “In addition to our leadership role of EAR (erection all-risk) risks in areas such as power generation, oil refining, gas processing, chemicals and process industries, we are pleased to offer this increased capacity to a wide base of CAR risks as well. These risks range from conventional buildings to more complex structural projects, including the world’s tallest buildings, bridges, airports and civil engineering infrastructure projects such as large hydroelectric power dams.”

For more information regarding Global Marine and Energy Property’s construction capabilities, please contact Robert Kuchinski at or 212-458-5964.