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Chartis Group to Use Mobile Terminals in Japan for Damage Assessment

Posted on 08 Apr 2011

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Chartis Far East Holdings K.K. announced that in response to the earthquake and tsunami that struck Eastern Japan, it will provide support for the use of mobile terminals such as the iPad and iPhone1 at its group insurance companies in Japan in order to facilitate insurance adjustments and to expedite claims payments.

The terminals will be introduced first at AIU Insurance Company beginning April 11. AIU will make a total of 100 terminals available in areas north of the Kanto region, focusing on providing quick damage assessments related to the recent disaster. AIU President and CEO Robert L. Noddin said, "The use of mobile terminals greatly simplifies the claims adjustment process and enhances efficiency, allowing for a shorter time frame for payment of insurance claims to the policyholder."

"The AIU claims staff continues to work around the clock to provide support to our customers. AIU has always maintained a reputation of providing excellent claims service, especially in times of catastrophic events like earthquakes and typhoons. We are hopeful that providing our employees with these new and innovative tools will allow our customers in the affected regions of Japan to rebuild their livelihoods as quickly as possible," Mr. Noddin continued.

The mobile terminals that will be used are the U.S. version of the iPad2, the latest model of Apple’s2 iPad, and iPhone. Chartis’ U.S. office made an emergency procurement of iPad2s following the disaster, utilizing the new functionality enabling video communications. AIU, the first group company to receive the terminals, developed the adjustment system utilizing Smart Attack3, a cloud computing service provided by Inc.

Chartis Far East Holdings President and CEO Jose A. Hernandez commented, “I am extremely pleased that we are one of the first companies to adopt this new technology. These are trying times and we are making all resources available to our group companies to expedite the claims adjusting process and put money in the pockets of our customers when they need it most. We are working closely with our other group companies in Japan and look forward to making the platform available to them as soon as possible."