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Chartis Announces New Pollution Legal Liability Select Form

Posted on 30 Apr 2010

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Chartis has announced the introduction of a new Pollution Legal Liability Select form (PLL Select), developed by its Environmental Division. PLL Select was introduced by Chartis fifteen years ago as the first of its kind in the environmental insurance market. The new PLL Select form continues the tradition set by the original form of providing an innovative approach to protect against environmental liabilities that accompany commercial properties.

The new PLL Select form has retained the flexible, menu-driven offerings of the original form and has been enhanced with a number of noteworthy updates, including:

A first in the marketplace “upgrade to green” as part of restoration costs;

* Expanded definitions of pollution conditions and clean-up costs;

* A supplemental defense provision, which includes coverage for the expenses the insured incurs to assist in the investigation and defense of a claim; and

*A claim mediation provision that allows for the deductible to be reduced.

In addition to the benefits of the form, Environmental insureds continue to have access to innovative value-added policyholder programs, including:

*The Pollution Incident and Environmental Response program (PIER), which provides insureds access to a 24-hour emergency response network;

*RiskTool, a Web-based environmental, health, safety, and property risk management resource; and

*Environmental Portal, a secure, Internet-based system that allows insureds to track environmental insurance policies for multiple site portfolios.

“As the environmental landscape evolves, our clients look to us to expand our capabilities. The coverage provided on the new PLL Select form reflects the increasing complexity of environmental risk management and our willingness to help our clients navigate these challenges,” said Russell M. Johnston, President and Chief Executive Officer of Environmental.

For more information regarding Pollution Legal Liability, please contact 1-800-348-4314 or send an e-mail to