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Chartis Announces Expanded Personal Security Services from Private Client Group

Source: Chartis

Posted on 08 Dec 2009

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Chartis today announced the expansion of personal security services from its Private Client Group. Two complimentary resources, emergency preparedness services and access to Insite Security, have been introduced to supplement Private Client Group’s comprehensive property and liability insurance offerings for high net worth individuals and families.

The new offerings, which are in addition to an already extensive suite of risk management services designed to reduce the likelihood and severity of property damage, as well as maximize safety, are designed for policyholders with complex exposures resulting from worldwide travel; private home staff; multiple residences; yacht ownership; or extensive collections of art, jewelry or cars.

Emergency preparedness services help reduce threats to family safety, security and personal wealth through activities such as evacuation and communication planning, home security assessments, personal liability assessments, and crisis management. Consultations, either by phone or in person, are conducted by Private Client Group’s team of emergency preparedness specialists who have backgrounds in personal and corporate security and substantial experience advising individuals, families and companies. The consultations can cover:

• Lifestyle risks, such as how often one travels, who has access to the home and the safety of children away at school;

• Strategies to handle an incidental house fire or community-wide emergency; and

• Personalized emergency action plan development.

When needed, policyholders may be referred to a network of third-party vendors to assist with plan implementation. A 24-hour emergency preparedness and response hotline is also provided. Private Client Group also has partnered with Insite Security, an industry leader in personal security for high net worth individuals that employs law enforcement veterans. Eligible policyholders can receive a one-on-one, at-home consultation (followed by an individualized report outlining potential vulnerabilities and customized solutions); proposals for long-term security; and ongoing security training for staff and family.

“We strive to help our policyholders protect what’s precious to them, and that often means looking beyond material possessions,” said Charles Williamson, President of Private Client Group. “By analyzing their lifestyles and preparing for even the rarest of scenarios, we can maximize safety as well as preserve assets.”